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14 People Including 7 Alshabaab Attackers killed in Mogadisho

So far 14 people including 7 of the Al-Shabab attackers have been reported to have died in an attack at the CID headquarters in Mogadishu on Sunday morning, and there are 18 others who have sustained injuries of different degrees as well.

The police officers have confirmed that most of the deceased are civilians who were passersby and some inside the premises.

Three of the deceased persons have initially sustained injuries and after they were taken to the hospital they passed away at the Intensive Care Unit department.

The Minister for security, the Somali Police Commissioner and some other Intel reached at the scene where the incident occurred in order to evaluate the level of the casualties and how the attack occurred.

The Al-Shabab militants who carried out the attack were four, two of them detonated themselves while the other two were shot dead by the security soldiers, and this indicates that the attackers have not successfully accomplished their target which was mass devastation.

Al-Shabab militants have been liberated from most of the major towns in Somalia, but now the only capabilities they are able to do is to carry out suicide attacks in places where innocent civilians are in dense.

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Suldaan Xuseen Xasan Cali Waraabe

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Somali Achievement Awards oo ka dhacay London UK markii 8aad sanadka 2016 ka Daawo

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