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Hargeisa and Garowe are Peace Places to live but Mogadishu is not. What is Peace like without its Benefits?

Peace without a human progress is nothing. I start my article with a negative statement and the reason is twofold: One is that I believe that I am one of the very few people who make material contribution (qaaraan) when every „qeylo dhaan of humanitarian crises” comes from not only Mogadisho but all parts of Somalia so that it is not only a duty for me to give but I think I have also the right to challenge the so-called leaders there and the other is that my Somalia friends from those parts of Somalia like Hargeisa and Garowe always argue that there is peace there they come from compared with where I come from, Mogadishu. And behind my friends there are so-called leaders who always sell the idea that there is peace in Hargeisa and Garaowe as peace is something to eat, so my main argument directs to those leader and here is the key question which also becomes a platform for my constructive criticism: What is peace like without its benefits?

I am not really an expert of the subject concerning how to build a new nation (people) nor is any one on earth that can claim to have the knowledge to produce a new people. What we all aware is , no matter where we live in Somalia, that we are dealing with problems of same nature, that we are not able to live there we are belong to because of lack of the basic necessities for a good life; a functioning heath care system, job, education and peace. By chasing a better life we Somalis become number one victims of sea journey to the western countries. Why I have written peace on the last of the list is because without it there may not be a health care system, education and job and I believe if with peace there are not these services, we can’t give the credit for „peace”. Because everything is worthwhile as long as it fulfills what is expected.

No matter where we Somalis live, we are dealing with the problems of same nature and here is the prove

Somalis in Sweden, no matter where they come from in Somalia, have same qualities. This I can prove with my personal experience as fifteen years resident of Sweden and a staff of one of adult education institutions in Sweden where I teach immigrants from all over the world Swedish as a second language. I always meet here Somalis from every corner of Somalia, the great Somali as the white star on flag represents. None of them (if any) can generally prove his/her educational statue with an official document from Hargeisa, Garawe and Mogadisho. They all wait eight years to apply Swedish passport while most of immigrants from other parts of world become citizen after five years. All of them start the planes to go back Somalia as soon as they land Sweden (although we are not alone for this „myth of return” as Paul Scheffer put in his book Immigrant Nation). But what is special for Somalis is that they plan to go back without trying to solve the problems they left behind. Professor Scheffer has also stated his book Immigrant Nation p, 18 „while we’re all willing to accept that social class is an important factor, statistics showing high crime rates for certain ethnic groups, among them Moroccans in the Netherlands, Pakistanis in Britain, Somalis in Sweden” . What is more is that they start regrouping in out of clan identity by departing from the bad slogan I hate most:

I and Somalia against the world.
I and my clan against Somalia.
I and my family against the clan.
I and my brother against the family.
I against my brother.

As Mary Harper described her newly book Getting Somali wrong? The clan system has nowhere to rest on. However, this system is Somali five pillars in Sweden, even those Somalis who claim that they are from more secure places can hardly come with a new philosophy, another way of thinking in order to change the method. They haven’t yet managed to build one strong community which represents for all people from either Hargeisa or Garowe. They are like other Somalis from Mogadishu, by building community (jaaliyad) they base on the five pillars which I have stated above. I believe that they haven’t made any human progress. The symbol for human press, in my opinion, is enlightened and open-minded young men and women, so the question I raise is that; why couldn’t Hargeisa and Garowe peace enlightened and open-minded young men and women who can match this global and competitive world after 25 years of peace? Why do they still compare with Mogadishu where every single day a brother kills another brother illegally? These two questions are very important questions which I want of you who are from these parts of Somalia, Hargeisa and Garaow, to ask your leaders. I think it is the right time after 25 years of peace you should ask your leaders more than the „peace” which Mogadishu lacks as my friends claim.

Why couldn’t Hargeisa and Garowe peace produce enlightened and open-mined young men and women?

The answer, I personally give, is simple, containing less than two statements and here is; human being gives birth another human being so is a corrupted nation. A corrupted nation gives birth corrupted leaders, corrupted sheikhs, corrupted teachers, corrupted doctors, and corrupted traders and so on. In this context a „corrupted nation” includes even Somalis in Mogadishu. The reason is Somali leaders have only different names, but same behaviors.Most of them leave the country after theirs years of office have finished and only come back to run for post again. If we have leaders of same characteristics, we must be same people so that we are a product of corrupted leaders, corrupted sheikhs, corrupted teachers, corrupted doctors, and corrupted traders. This system is very hard to be changed (this doesn’t mean that change is impossible), because it is like cycling as hot water is originally from cold water and if you are for instance asked where a cold water comes from, what would you answer? This is Aristotelian forms. The important thing here is that the matter (water) -which I compare with the nation (not their behavior which, I believe, is corrupted)- is save and can be reformed and the other important question is where can rectification be started? My dear reader, I plead you not to ask me more than I have exposed on this article. Now is your turn to answer this question: What has gone wrong in Somali nation?

Cali Amiin

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