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The Sad Story Of Ifraah & Imaan 2 Orphaned Sisters Killed In The Pizza House Attack

It may well be the image linked to the June 13 Pizza House attack that will linger in many minds for years to come.A young lady in pain bleeding as an equally distressed young man carried her to safety.Some few minutes ago Iftin Mahdi the young lady were having an Iftaar dinner to break their fast with her two sisters Imaan, Iftaah amd an aunt.But this was not an ordinary Iftaar dinner. The aunt was to travel out of the country . The Iftaar therefore doubled as a farewell dinner for their favorite aunty.



But way into their Ramadan Iftaar meal armed men from the militant group Alshabaab had hit the vicinity of Pizza House and Posh Treats forcing patrons including Iftiin and her sisters to run for their lives.After the VBIED explosion gunmen accessed the popular pizza eatery spraying bullets on to scamping patrons.

Two sisters Imaan and Iftaah were hit by the lethal rain of ammo and fell on the ground. Dead.Iftiin was injured. She had been shot at but was lucky to be alive.The story of the three sisters gave human face to the pain civilians go through in attacks executed by Alshabaab.Somalis poured their feelings about the killings on social media as photos of the three sisters made rounds.


Imaan and Ifraah were eleven and 12 yrs old respectively.They were students at a Maogadishu Secondary school and before had excelled as talented Quran recitors. The mother in an interview by VOA said Iftiin Ifraah and Imaan were orphaned after their father died 9yrs ago.“So sorry for the lost of this beautiful souls. Wt culd they’v done 2 wrnt Z senseless way they died besides enjoy their home in Z bst way possible.”.

“Thats so inhumane they have families and loved ones who will get hurt and who gve you the right to use private pic so Unethical and Sick” Amal Khooshari tweeted.

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